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Sensi Roma

The world of architecture and interior design is rediscovering the age-old appeal of travertine, a material of timeless, almost primordial beauty that has been used over the centuries in numerous buildings in Rome, the Eternal City. Ever attentive to changing trends and tastes, ABK is introducing SENSI ROMA, an exclusive porcelain tile collection that combines style and technology and is inspired by Travertino Navona, one of the most prestigious and popular varieties of this stone.

Catalogue de la collection
out20gres antidérapant 20 mm

Gres pleine masse


NaturalAntique 3DP.tech


120x120 (48"x48")60x120 (24”x48”)120x280 (48"x112")


  • Carreaux de sol
  • Tuiles pour revêtements
  • Slip resistance R10
  • Slip resistance A + B + C
  • Slip resistance > 0,60
  • Slip resistance > 0,40
  • Slip resistance > 0,42
  • V2 Légère variation