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Poetry Stone

The POETRY STONE collection reinterprets the natural and primitive identity of stone. These essential, contemporary surfaces are available in a wide range of sizes including large slabs, with finishes suitable for many different indoor and outdoor applications. The collection features exclusive decorative elements and textures that combine the creative vision of Studio OTTO - Paola Navone with the distinctive qualities of ABK ceramic products.

Catalogue de la collection Fiche technique
out20gres antidérapant 20 mm

Gres pleine masse


NaturalAntislippery R11


120x120 (48"x48")60x120 (24”x48”)60x60 (24”x24”)120x280 (48"x112")


  • Slip resistance R10
  • Slip resistance R11
  • Slip resistance A + B
  • Slip resistance A + B + C
  • Slip resistance > 0,60
  • Slip resistance > 0,40
  • Slip resistance > 0,42
  • Slip resistance P3
  • Slip resistance P4
  • V2 Légère variation



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