ABK technology focus: 3D tech

ABK's drive towards research and innovation never ceases to amaze the market with advanced solutions that not only boast exceptional aesthetics, but also unbeatable technical performance. Here is the latest innovation: 3DTech technology, which allows the application of different ceramic materials of variable thickness, perfectly in line with the underlying graphics created with the best high-definition digital technology. This revolutionary manufacturing process is the result of ABK's ongoing commitment to investing in the future, which has culminated in a product that not only looks good, but also feels good. The sensory value of these surfaces is impressive and the unique character of each design amaze even the most discerning clients. From the extraordinarily realistic antiqued marble effect to the natural texture of worn stones, 3DTech surfaces offer incredible beauty and authenticity.




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SENSI 900 CARRARA Antique3D 60X120 SENSI 900 PRECIOUS BLACK Antique3D 60X120 SENSI 900 STONE GREY Antique3D 120X120 SENSI 900 VENEZIA NUVOLA Antique3D SENSI ROMA CREAM Antique3D 120X120 SENSI ROMA IVORY Antique3D 120X120 SENSI ROMA WHITE Antique3D 120X120

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