Sensi Nuance

Elegant colour tones meet the timeless elegance of marble. This is the spirit behind the varieties selected for NUANCE, the latest collection in the SENSI project devoted to the most exclusive and luxurious materials created by nature. SENSI NUANCE comes in four different finishes. The Soft slabs are complemented by the two new versions Natural, which offers improved slip resistance, Lux 3D in which exclusive 3D Tech technology recreates the unique aesthetics of antique marble and Soft 3D.


Full body porcelain


SoftP.techLux 3DSoft 3D


120x120 (48"x48")60x120 (24”x48”)120x280 (48"x112")


  • Floor tiles
  • Tiles for coverings
  • Slip resistance R10
  • Slip resistance A + B + C
  • Slip resistance > 0,60
  • Slip resistance > 0,40
  • Slip resistance P3
  • V2 Slight variation



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