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Hotel / Gym / SPA


B&B Enjoy Milano

The B&B Enjoy Milano is located in the heart of the Lombard capital and offers an exclusive view of the famous Duomo. The accommodation is the result of the recent renovation of an apartment of 300 square meters in an elegant building. The project, signed by the architect Lorenzo Rossetti of Studio Mass, has been achieved thanks to the furniture designed and supplied by Molino48 showroom and to the ABK ceramic surfaces. On the floor, in the central corridor and in all the indoor and outdoor areas that wind from it, there is the LAB325 collection, realistic cement effect of minimalist taste, stylistically consistent with the furniture of sober and elegant design. The ten bedrooms have a private bathroom with shower, transformed into a characterizing element by the ceramic tiles of the DO UP collection: Affresco Light, Memory Sabbia and Memory Rust.




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B&B Enjoy Milano B&B Enjoy Milano B&B Enjoy Milano B&B Enjoy Milano B&B Enjoy Milano B&B Enjoy Milano B&B Enjoy Milano